Useful Information of Gmail Account Recovery

Your Gmail account mainly consists of a set of username and password. Every time you login your Gmail account, you need to use the same set of username and password. Thus, both of these are of equal importance to you.

But you might commonly encounter certain problems while using your Gmail account. Forgetting username and password are two of the major problems associated with the Gmail account.

Moreover, if your Gmail account password is hacked by some unauthorized online hacker, then it is even a bigger problem for you. The password is very confidential and crucial part of your Gmail account. Never share your Gmail password with anyone else.

The Gmail Account Recovery steps can help you in resetting the password.

What can you do if your Gmail account password is hacked?

Password hacking is one of the biggest nightmares in the cyber world. The hacker can get an easy access to all your personal emails, documents and accounts. Thus, you always need to know How To Reset Gmail Password.

The first step is to recover the Gmail password. This is the most convenient way to bring your Gmail account back into the action. In this procedure, Google will ask you to answer a security question or mail you the password resetting details on the alternate email id provided by you.

They will send you a link in that email and you can reset your password from that link.

Gmail has introduced a new feature for the users who are suffering from the Gmail forgot password problem. It is the “Update” feature.

In this new feature, it is always possible to reset your Gmail password by using your provided mobile number. Just after initiation of the reset process, Gmail will send you the new login details to your mobile.

The alternate step

Sometimes, the hacker might change the secret Gmail security question as well as the alternate email address after accessing the account. Under these circumstances, your password resetting process might fail.

Then, you need to make an immediate contact with the Gmail Technical Support team by filling up the online account recovery forms. On this form you need to fill out a number of questions like email addresses of 5 emailed contacts, the label names of your Gmail account, the services of your hacked account, your last date of successful login, the date of account creation, the last used password, etc.

You need to fill out this form accurately to recover your Gmail account.

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